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Here are our most recent projects

FotoclaimApp ®

An iOS / Android application for submitting car insurance claims

  • Optimized UI that walks any smartphone user through creating a claim in minutes
  • Interfaces with 3rd party business, VIN / License Plate, & geolocating APIs
  • Invitation flow for dealers, with separate admin app
  • Custom webcrawling software and data mining
  • Developed using Ionic 3


A cutting-edge internet-of-things application for providing insights and data to school districts

  • Robust data processing algorithm for crunching thousands of device pings a minute
  • Multi-tenant database solution
  • Beautiful data visualization panel
  • Student tracking hardware/software

HamptonWater ®

A design oriented landing page for Bon Jovi's Rosé Wine Company

  • Elegant and robust user interface
  • Custom developed store-location software
  • Interfaces with 3rd-party Instagram and Google Maps APIs
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • The HWW team is happy to field any questions pertaining to the development of their site: lindsay@hamptonwaterwine.com


A web storefront for your AutoCAD cabinet designs

  • Transforms cabinet-maker's CAD libraries into a store catalog
  • Processes orders and provides payment system
  • Ultimately interfaces with a 3D printer, where cabinets are cut and packaged in minutes
  • Allows orderer to adjust dimensions and features on the fly

Aquatech-World ®

An online aquaponics and aquaculture library written both in English and Mandarin.

  • Marketing splashpage enabling subscription and payment
  • Subscription tracking panel
  • Content management solution
  • Optimized and searchable database
  • The Aquatech-World team is happy to field questions about their site development: admin@aquatech-world.com